Looking down from the two ultra-modern yearling barns now standing on Kia-Ora Stud, the view is of lush, irrigated paddocks steeped in thoroughbred history. For it was in these same paddocks along the Pages River, east of Scone, that such legends of the Australian turf as Amounis, Windbag, Shannon, Delta, Hydrogen and Evening Peal were born and reared.

For the more than 45 years that Percy Miller operated the original Kia Ora Stud, it became the most successful thoroughbred breeding establishment in Australia, demonstrating just how good this piece of country is as a nursery for superior racehorses.

Under new ownership and management, Kia-Ora has moved into the 21st century as one of the best-appointed facilities in Australia, after a building and fencing program that has utilised modern materials and design ideas to provide the best possible care for mares, foals and yearlings.

With ample supplies of irrigation water available for the whole farm and the deep alluvial soils of this famous valley to produce highly nutritious pastures all year round, the standard of care and feeding at Kia-Ora is world-class.


Kia-Ora Stud is something of a far cry from the facilities that made the farm’s original reputation. The irrigation system has been totally upgraded so that now more than 500 acres can be irrigated to ensure top-class pastures year round.

The Segenhoe Valley is renowned for producing thoroughbreds and the Kia-Ora acres have, for 100 years, produced some of the best.

With water sourced from both the Hunter and Pages riverĀ and its supply of fresh, limestone-sourced water plus the abundant wells on the property, it is now possible to produce excellent paddock feed whatever the season.

Attention to detail does not stop with the horses, the facilities for our horses are some of the best in the world.

Lush Pastures
The deep alluvial soils contain most of the essential nutrients for optimum growth and condition in young thoroughbreds and the nutrition levels essential for healthy broodmares.

A program of pasture development implemented under the new ownership has optimised the potential of this outstanding horse property.

Situated at an altitude that provides cooler temperatures than the coast and yet mild winters, in an area proven for horse breeding for well over a century, Kia-Ora provides the ideal situation for breeding and rearing thoroughbred horses.

Kia Ora Stud facilities
Kia Ora Stud facilities
Kia Ora Stud facilities
Kia Ora Stud facilities